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3rd November 2008

I figure I might as well do this before I forget. I outgrew LJ as a journal quite a while ago, so instead of maybe-yearly Cliff-notes of my life, let's just officially bury this body.
For anyone interested, I can be contacted at:
shadowpluto2 at yahoo dot com
CerealKillerLan on AIM
I'm also on Facebook, but please contact me at one of the above if you don't already know my full name.

Life has changed a lot, but it's really stayed the same. I live in Albany again. I am single again. I'm not unhappy, but I am ready for some change. I've come to love a lot of new things and people, and that is good. I'd like to think I've changed, but I'm really the same old me, just a few years older.

Auf wiedersehen,

9th October 2007

1:24pm: I had one of those moments today... where you realize that it's Tuesday and you can't remember Monday. Of course I remember things from yesterday, except for the fact that it was a Monday and I worked.

Yes, so it took me long enough, but I did find a job. Albeit part time. Early morning (6-6.5 am argh!) opening at A.C. Moore which is like a Michaels but better.

Ok, so apparently I have written here since May. O_O
Time for the CliffNotes version of my life since then:

I. Read a few books, saw a ton of movies, watched some Star Trek, played some games, went a few places.

II. Went to Otakon with Luna in July. Driving in Baltimore, we managed to make every trip to and from the hotel an 'adventure' and almost never went the same way. Got lost in the saddest most ghetto parts of town, even. ~_~ But we did find a Stewart's Shop! But it wasn't a gas station/convenience store like in Albany, they served hot dogs and that kinda junky food. And Stewart's soda from the tap in a frosted glass. Heck yeah!

III. Visited Albany a couple times, Jeremy and I went to my dad's a couple times.
My mom had her 50th birthday party in early September, that was the last time I was back in our hometown. I ended up getting mildly sick from the dog dander and drove home late at night, listening to the BBC radio drama version of the Lord of the Rings.

IV.Recently I've been mostly watching Firefly, the first season of Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek: DS9. I bought the first boxed set of Fullmetal Alchemist, and Jeremy seemed vaguely interested, so I think I'll try and only watch it when he's around. :-P

V. This weekend a neighbor had us take in a cat that they found. They've been checking the paper and Jeremy's checked Craigslist and posted a "found" on there, but I think we may keep it.
It's a bit mouthy, but very well behaved and cute. All black, too... very appropriate for the time of year.

I'm still not sure what I want to do with the rest of my life. I know I'm not very ambitious... I just want a job doing something community-oriented. Seems strange for me to say perhaps, but I'd really just like to work at a school maybe, or for the city. You gotta have someone in those kind of jobs that isn't obsessed with plasticizing the playgrounds and strip searching kids and herding them like cattle.
(Anyone remember trying to get to class after lunch at Albany High? Case in point.)
I though that maybe one day I could end up in some small public office, but I'm afraid my campaign would go broke trying to print signs with my last name on them.

Surprisingly, working at a craft store hasn't affected my spending. Though while I'm working I do tend to get jonesing for baking or making things by hand. It's only a matter of time... one day, I'm pwning noobs and mobs in video games and the next... knitting and paper crafts.

They even have this Sculpty clay in bright colors that after you bake is still bendy! It's perfect for making little figures. I think that's definitely getting bought soon.

P.S. I love Pixar. Ratatouille was such a cute movie, and Wall*E looks just as good, plus the risks they're taking with it seem veeeery interesting in a sort of 2001:A Space Odyssey way.

P.P.S. Video Games Live is apparently coming to Buffalo this Sunday. I'd really love to go... I'd totally kidnap Luna for it, but I really don't know if I'm up for 3 1/2-4hrs both ways and another 2-3 for the trip to Buffalo from here.

P.P.P.S. I totally had to look up how to spell Odyssey. I fail.

1st May 2007

8:46pm: I finally quit my job, and am enjoying a stint as an unemployed lazy bum. That is, of course until I get moving. Thursday, if all goes well, I'll be having dinner with Jeremy and my father at a nice Italian place in Utica.
After that, I have to get in gear and look for a job in Rochester.

Also, apply to the CC.
Which as I recall is a pain in the ass. I hate contacting schools about sending transcripts. I'm also not quite sure what I'm supposed to be. Does taking a year off and then going back still count as a "transfer" student. If so, how long would you have to be out of school before being counted as one of those "back-to-school" adults?
I need to talk to a human being at said college to get this all figured out.

Anywho, recently I saw "Meet the Robinsons", which I saw purely because of that bit in the commercial that goes like this:
Twirly Mustache-Silent Era-type Villian: What's going on? Why aren't you seizing the boy?
A T-Rex: I have a big head... and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through.

I really liked it, though I didn't go to see the 3D version, which I imagine makes me a very bad person.
I think someone very like me was involved in production, though.
It had a spazztic "time cop" from the future, a sequence based off of old badly dubbed Kung Fu movies, a T-Rex, a Matrix-like possible future filled with factories and dark skies, (Mayor) Adam West did a voice, a funny bit about Tom Selleck (and indeed, TONS of references that I got)...
and they showed am old Disney short prior to the film. I though that was real classy, trying to get back to the roots of the company. In the film a motto that stuck out was "Keep Moving Forward", which turned out to be from a quote (shown at the end of the film) by Walt Disney. Which I thought was also top-notch.

I also saw 300 a few weeks back (finally!) which as I suspected, I adored. Something that was bothering Jeremy and I after was why King Leonidas had an almost-lisp going sometimes. I mentioned that he sounded a bit like Sean Connery when he did that, and then it hit me.
Leonidas was played by Gerard Butler (I knew this, but it hadn't clicked).
Gerard Butler is from Scotland.
...so is Sean Connery.
Ah-ha! Problem solved. He was trying to hide his accent.

It's just before 9:30 now, and I think I might go see Hot Fuzz and get a tea smoothie at the cafe there.

So without further ado a give you a link to a post I made on a community in which the basic jist is "post music, request music".
It seems to be populated by a lot of J-pop/rock fans so of my 10 songs you might want to download the breakdown is...

1/10 Instrumental
1/10 Pop/Rock ...It's the Beatles, they just ARE.
2/10 Hindi (from the Bend It Like Beckham Soundtrack)
4/10 Japanese Pop/Rock
2/10 Rock Progressive/Middle-Eastern-influenced
Songs and their descriptions are here.
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12th April 2007

11:26pm: C'est moi!

I haven't had a normal weekend in a while.
I've gone to Easter dinner in Utica, visited Rochester, road tripped down to Yale with Luna for a video game concert. One Sunday I had to work. And now this Sunday I'm working again.
I'll be glad of one in which I don't have to do anything. That might take a while. ^_^;

Sidenote: Video Games Live Concert at Yale -> best thing EVER. Old school like Mario and Sonic and Zelda; Metal Gear, WoW, God of War, Halo, Final Fantasy... plus contests, comedy and a century-old 3-story pipe organ. And an internet celebrity!
->(Blindfolded Pianist: Mario Theme)<-

Luna's post is a Youtube heavy account of our trip. By which I mean you can watch really good quality video from the concert we were at.

I'm moving along with my plans to leave my job and current residence. It's scary, but I'm trying to think of it as something I've done before. After all, it's not like I've never lived somewhere else. Though I won't really be relying on my parents in much of anything. It will be a good feeling I think, once I get used to it. Probably surreal too.
I think it's much like when a child begins to walk about without holding anyone's hand.

In my spare time I've been drawing again. Bought a cheap sketchpad and some colored pencils because all my art supplies are still in Utica.

In anime-land I've gotten back into Bleach and Death Note after finishing Blood+.

I haven't been reading much lately, though I'm making my way through "The Elegant Universe" by Brian Greene. In short, it's a non-fiction book about physics that Ben recommended I read.
By starting at the beginning of modern physics (i.e. Einstein) he basically is explaining how the universe works. (Or y'know... how we think it works.)
I've already learned some pretty amazing stuff.
But I'm not going to tell you because you should stay in the dark like the rest of society. It's not like you'll ever "need" science right? ...actually it's because it sounds like madness unless explained by- well, not me.

If I were a newspaper, this would be the part with the stuff I'd read:

Current Top 5 Songs:
1.Final Fantasy VIII: Liberi Fatali (Video Games Live played this, on par with One-winged Angel to me.)
2. The Rasmus: In the Shadows (Freakin awesome song. Hard to describe.)
3. Royksopp - Remind Me
(from the Geico caveman-in-the-airport/mall commercial.)
4. Death Note: L's Theme (Instrumental, very Halloween-esque.)
5. Devdas: Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka (Bollywood at its finest.)

5 Movies I Want To/Have Seen:
The Host (Only movie I've seen lately. Really awesome Korean monster flick. Was at the Spectrum.)
Inland Empire
TMNT ...I know its gonna be mediocre, but I still want to.

Speaking of movies... this summer is chock full of goodness! I can't wait.

5th February 2007

6:23pm: Last week I reached up to scratch my head and found a huge knot o' hair in the back. Took me ten minutes to work that out.
And I had been thinking for a long while. Since Halloween actually. When Luna and I did the costume craziness for my dad's party.

So yes. That afternoon when I got out of work I called my mother.

"Mom, when I get home I'm taking a shower. And I'm cutting off all my hair."

By which of course I meant her.

That's my news of the month.

Last weekend I went to my father's. We had Indian buffet and watched Superman Returns, Shaun of the Dead, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Creepshow. Dad liked the 'new Lois' much more than the 70s chick. But that's because he's a sucker for the hotties.

Today I decided that even though 103.9 stopped being "The Edge" and stopped playing hard rock, it's found it's stride and gotten good. Driving home they had a 3-in-a-row of The Doors. A spot about the return of Mandatory Metallica. And then they played The Scorpions. Who are AWESOME 80s rock.

Tons of exciting things have happened. Will happen. May happen. Ok, my life is pretty boring. You don't have to rub it in.

I can live with a boring life, if I can live it in good company. ^_^

P.S. Cold weather and automobiles don't want me to have a good time. They want me to have brief moments of happiness and then snatch them away back to Rochester.

When I rule the world, it's going down. Greenhouse gases and solar rays and volcanoes and freakin aerosol. No more cold!

P.P.S. Still way too obsessed with the WoW expansion. Nagrand is beautiful. I'm almost 68. ^_^

EDIT: Yes, so the hair IS cut. I guess that the way I wrote it was kinda ambiguous.
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19th January 2007

5:12pm: Current News a la moi:
Holiday season is finally over, and winter finally decided to make an appearance. My life is exceedingly exciting what with the working and sleeping.

I realized that being a librarian would be great, but I don't want to have to move TO my job. I mean honestly, when are all these old librarians gonna croak? And the degree is much too hard to get for that little money. However, a patient at SP gave me the idea of being what she called a 'paraprofessional' (probably an old term cuz she was old) and work at a school. Which I like the idea of. Holidays off, etc. I wonder if I could get into administration...

Also I need food. Haven't eaten today.

Current Games:
World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade: MMORPG. (Ongoing. Revival.)
Final Fantasy XII: RPG. (In progress.)

Current Books:
The Singing Sword by Jack Whyte: Historical Fiction/Arthurian Myth. (In progress.)
Night Watch (Nochnoy Dozor) by Sergei Lukyanenko: Contemporary Fantasy. (Bought. In queue.)

Current TV:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Supernatural/Teenage Drama. (Halted at 4 episodes into season 3.)
Deadwood: Western/Drama. (Season 2 in queue.)

Current Movie:
Casino Royale: Bond. Action/Adventure. (In theaters. Recently viewed.)
Lucky Number Slevin: Crime. Drama. (Bought. In queue.)
Jarhead: War. Action/Drama. (Bought. In queue.)

Pan's Labyrinth: Historical Fiction (Franco's Spain). Drama/Fantasy. (In theaters. In queue.)
The Curse of the Golden Flower: Historical Fiction (Tang Dynasty). Action/Drama. (In theaters. In queue.)
Children of Men: Sci-Fi. Drama/Adventure. (In theaters. In queue.)

Current Music:
The Corpse Bride Soundtrack: Orchestra/Band. Danny Elfman.
Apocalyptica: Cello. Metal.
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2nd October 2006

6:34pm: Work related jabberCollapse )

So, I realized I haven't done anyone the courtesy of writing up some slice of life in a while.

Here's a story. About underwear, really, so be warned.
I hate Walmart. I think it's evil and gets away with being so cheap because most of the stuff they sell there is crap. Note: don't even try to buy fresh produce at one of the 'super-centers'.
Unfortunately, they also tend to be reasonably priced on the bare necessities, like socks, underclothes, and Simply Limeade (which Hannaford needs to stock RIGHT NOW).

So last night, it's a beautifully creepy chilly foggy evening, and I drive out to Walmart. To look for Buffy Season 2 (didn't have it) because I got Season 1 there for $20 last week. And the afore-mentioned bare necessities, which I did procure.
However, you would not be telling a lie if you said that for... er, most all of my life, my mother has bought my underclothes with a few exceptions. The normies, I mean. Anyway, the one time I tried to buy underwear before in college they turned out to be size Grandma.
Well, big butt strikes again. Apparently at Walmart everything is not only confusingly bilingual, but the sizes 6-7-8-9 etc do not conform to the same size in pants. They conform to 'well only old ladies or freakish hillbilly women shop here, we cant have them buying size 15 underwear, let's just make up some numbers'.
And I cant very well bring them back. Rather, I refuse to go and try to return an opened package of skivvies. No, no no no.
The socks fit fine though.
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19th August 2006

10:13am: Summertime's ending, looking back.
The days are moving so fast. And for once I don't feel harried or really worried.

Being 20 made me look back and think how much my life has changed in 5 years. And I wonder how different it will be in 10. I suppose it will be interesting to look back from 30 on my 20s.

When I first started my job, the hours and the job itself really took a toll. I don't really seem to mind seeing all the patients in various states, I haven't gotten ill or had a breakdown over anything there, but none the less I do think maybe it stressed me out to see them. I was always tired, and I hated having to follow a schedule, and I hated missing out on things people were doing. I think I've mostly gotten over that now. I can't be everywhere all the time.

Though it is nice when people want to spend time with me. Or insist that I buy orange juice because I've been sick this week. (Thank you Jase.) Though truth be told being sick has almost been the vacation I needed from work, that Otakon wasn't.

As for Otakon. Besides the driving which was tiring, Otakon was very entertaining. There's just nothing like watching the Hellsing OVA and the Fullmetal Alchemist movie in a giant crowd of anime fans. And the people in costume everywhere was extremely fun to look at, though I must have been kinda spastic pointing out everyone I knew "Look, there's a Zaraki!" "Look, it's Schrodinger and a Seras!" "Ooooh, Pyramid head!" "V! And he's got the apron and a frying pan!" ^_^
The trip had it's moments good and bad, but I wouldn't have been anywhere else. Can't wait for next year.

To keep myself busy I went through my music and fixed the genre labels so I can actually use it to find stuff I'd like to listen to. Boring methodical work pleases me in strange ways. :P
Also been playing Warcraft. It's like a hobby now more than an addiction. Mostly because I don't feel a drive to play, to be better than anyone else. It's just fun now.

Also started reading George R. R. Martin's fantasy series A song of Ice and Fire. I finished A Game of Thrones and am on A Clash of Kings now. It's really very, very good.

Lastly, I'm very sorry to anyone I've ignored or spurned this summer. I'm trying to grow up, while still retaining my youthful insanity.
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22nd July 2006

1:56pm: Well, today I checked Livejournal for the first time in quite a while.
Reason being: my laptop is finally fixed and back in my grubby hands, and I was interested in anything the_perkygoff might have written up about Otakon, (the huge geek-tacular anime convention of close to if not more than 20,000 people in Baltimore). I'm not excited at all, because I'm expecting things to go wrong, and probably will up until we actually arrive.

I figure a little bit about current events is in order.

I'm finally settling in at work, though getting up early still remains very unnatural to me.
A job really cuts into your time doesn't it? ^_^ It's scary how little I do, like it saps all my energy for pursuing entertainment out of me.
I feel like I don't read enough, can't bring myself to sit down and watch movies, or play games. I seem to spend rather a lot of time worrying about food and how to budget my money so I don't spend it all on food.

But I do think soon my entertainment cravings will re-stabilize, and life will settle into some sort of pattern that I find suitable.
Today I was really impressed by some movie news, including trailers. Set reports on the movie based on Neil Gaiman's Stardust have got me really hopeful about this movie. A sci-fi movie called The Fountain looks gorgeous, sort of like 2001: ASO with three different stories set in 1500 AD, 2006, and 2500 AD.

Of course the geek in me is pretty jazzed for the CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, rumblings of a Stargate movie sequel, and the Transformers live action movie. And a step in the right direction is that the original voice of Optimus Prime is gonna be him in it, so hurray for the old-school fans.

I think I might try to get a NetFlix account.

And everyone should see Three Extremes because it's fucked up and awesome and bloody and it has three different stories, so one of them you're bound to like.

And I'm kinda really hungry, so if there's anything I forgot to mention that you think should be or whatever, leave a comment.
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19th June 2006

11:19am: Weekend: Short Take
Summer colds are the best! And I'm totally lying right now!

I'm at my dad's for Father's Day, and going to leave soon to come back to Albany. We spent yesterday with Roy and Marty, and saw the great outdoors and splashed around in Adirondack river water.

The whole experience makes me remember how much I used to like all that jazz, so I've decided I'm going to have to drag people out of their houses (and when they don't have work and such) to go to Thatcher Park. Not only does it have the Indian Ladder Trail for that great outdoors experience but they have a GIANT POOL.

Also, the 26th is my orientation for working at St. Peter's Hospital pushing people around. But don't get sick, or die, or break anything just to come see me at work, I can live without it I'm sure.

Be sure and leave a comment if you want to know anything I left out, or you want to threaten my life, or invite me to do something, etc.
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31st May 2006

12:39pm: The world is all about balance... walking on two feet, Lion King "Circle of Life", etc.
So I guess it's not strange that someone had to die for me to regain a place in my mother's house.
Nor is it strange that even as my laptop breaks again, I acquire other forms of entertainment.
And all my rejections from potential jobs are offset by the interview I have tomorrow.

I had a good time this weekend with Ben and Luna, we went out to my Dad's and stayed up all night watching Luna DESTROY the landscape in God of War.
"Why are you running from my Level 5 Blades of Chaos?"
And then we went to Roy and Marty's Memorial Day party and there was lots of food and people and a blowtorch. (That was for the 'clam-brulay'.)

Keep up the good work people. What work you ask? Well hell if I know, but keep it up.

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3rd May 2006

11:32pm: Cake or Death?
To Andrew and all the other Edge-fest would be attendees: I took the liberty of emailing Mrozek from the (former) Edge and I got this:
"I couldn't really tell ya right now... at this time I
would say no, but that could change....sorry, that's
all I can say.....
Jeff Mrozek"
Which makes me sad, with a touch of that "I got a response from a local Name! Oh Em Gee!" feeling. Ya can hope, but don't hold your breath.

Anywho, I'm completely unattached now which is all sad but no one wants to read boohooing, AND I'm taking some time off from college so I don't waste any more money. Hooray for getting a job and paying bills such as car insurance like an adult.

Also my laptop had a crisis of faith in me too, so it was shipped out care of Best Buy Friday for approximately two weeks.
I'm going to be staying in Utica until it gets back or until next Friday whichever comes er, last. (I was going to come back Wednesday but my father wants to sign over my car officially when he has time free on Friday.)

In other news, Mark the gay man with AIDs who lives in my former room is being treated for bone cancer and my mother's boyfriend was being chemo-ed in the face for cancer in his sinuses. Also my dad's blood sugar is up.

Well this is all cheery McCheer now isn't it? :D

P.S. By staying until Friday I did not mean to imply my plans to come home this weekend were cancelled. It just means I still have stuff to do here until then.

12th April 2006

11:41am: I think Luna is the only one who will appreciate that I'm listening to Gackt right now. (Yesterday I read someone describe him as the Japanese David Bowie, and that's not a bad comparison. But if possible he's even weirder.)

I watched the Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman movie "Mirrormask" last night, and it was delightfully full of crack. For instance, if Alice in Wonderland was about someone from the Cirque du Soleil and then eaten by a Henry Moore sculpture you'd get this movie.

Got a new Bittorrent client because the one I had been using had a problem communicating with me, and we don't take that shit from programs. My new one seems to be working fine, as I finally got the second episode of Ergo Proxy. Which is sort of like I, Robot so far, except the escapado androids thingies are fucking creepy ugly. And they've got Radiohead's "Paranoid Android" as the ending song, which makes me jolly like Santa Claus.

Also, anyone who's interested in Dirge of Cerberus music should look in my Shared Folder when I'm on AIM. I'm gonna log on before I go to class, but my power cord is being a hosebeast and will decide that it's not plugged in almost all the time now.

I was going to come home this weekend, but I forgot it's Easter dinner Sunday, and I'm going to my dad's cousin's house. So NEXT weekend then. Blah.
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20th March 2006

5:51pm: My last entry was I think, a bit melodramatic, cued by intensed enthusiasm on my part. I can't wait to see V For Vendetta again. So basically: see the damn movie. The mixed reviews in my opinion are because...Collapse )

Anywho, I've got Ingmar Bergman's film about a Knight playing chess with Death (The Seventh Seal) and Akira Kurosawa's Yojimbo to watch this week. (I plan on getting more Japanese films from the library, Jason inspired me.)
Also bought Mirrormask when I went out to get my father a football game. He now tells me of his exploits in trouncing various NFL teams with his beloved Jets. At least he's happy.
Mirrormask is the brain-child of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman, so I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy it. :D

My Spring Break was full of chocolatey goodness and a cellphone and some new stuff and funny things...Collapse )
Sorry Franko, you weren't there, therefore you get:

Zim: Yeah, he's always saying stuff. I remember that one time when-
Dib: Hey! You just got here! Don't let him trick you!
Later on...Collapse )
And Jason tried to put the air freshener that smelled like kitty litter into Ben's room, but was caught. Generally all week he disappeared into closets like the creeper he is. Then he bought many Akira Kurosawa films, and all was right with the creeper ninja samurai Jamaican.

My father and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night, to which I proclaim: Ralph Fiennes has no nose! He must be Michael Jackson in disguise!
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17th March 2006

1:13am: Well, I haven't updated in quite a bit, hm?

All I have to say is:
See V For Vendetta

I won't tell you what I thought of it, it doesn't really matter. It's a powerful film. It's NOT an action movie, or a comic book movie... it's a movie about ideas.
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4th February 2006

10:24pm: Got up. Ate danish. Drove four hours. Read The Da Vinci Code aloud to my father. Arrived at a hospital on Long Island, visited Aunt Anna, my father's aunt. They're taking her off life support tomorrow.
It seems every one of my father's remaining family, cousins only now... we all seem to be in a Irish funeral phase, pre-mortem, rather. Congregating at cousin John's... eating food. Laughing; talking. Waiting around for death (and that small, desperate hope that when they take away the air she'll breathe on her own).
She's scared. I always thought the great thing about dying when old is you don't know what's going on. So much for small comforts.

How many Germans does it take to fit a sheet to a bed? ...apparently 4. I'm watching them do it right now.

We're staying until the funeral. So I may miss a couple days of school. Not that I particularly care.

Just figured it's nice to say "Hi" to everyone who doesn't play WoW or talk to me much on AIM. Not that I don't want to take to anyone. I'm just distracted a lot.

Well, I'd love to here from everyone who reads this, so do leave a comment. Tell me how you are. Nothing like a reminder of mortality to bring people together after all.
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9th January 2006

12:12am: This weekend was... quaint. I re-read Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials (which is of course highly recommended to those who love fantasy, science, and/or religious debate. Well... not debate, more like: if you're easily offended when people bash the Catholic church, you might not like some of what happens/is said).
Anywho, I went grocery shopping Friday, spent over 2 hours wandering about in the store, almost lost my car key due to a crappy metal ring, and then Dad and I had fajitas for dinner. Which I made. I'm not afeared of raw chicken no more. ;B <--"Thephiroth" face

Saturday we went walking in the cold. And I kicked ass in Monopoly against my Dad and neighbor Eugene... $6000 profit, 2 monopolies (Hotelorized), and the only reason anyone wants to play Monopoly in the first place: all four Railroads. I was like... J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie's wayward love child. Robber barons FTW.

Today Roy and Marty-cousin people were over and we had Chinese. The leftovers are all MINE BWAHAHAHAHA... tomorrow.
I watched 2 hours of Family Guy and American Dad tonight, and I'll tell you something: one of those writers is obsessed with Jessica Alba. Also... Adam West... Adam West, man... <3

P.S. Random bruises are really strange, especially when it's not, say, on a knee or elbow... little dots of bruising. :/ Weird.
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3rd January 2006

5:45pm: Has it been so long?
Hope you all had a sufficient holiday season and new year's celebration. Mine was fairly good, as these things go. I was among the gift exchanging crowd, and received my fair share of goodies.Collapse )
I went to cousins Donna and Ritchie & Roy and Marty's Xmas parties, both were mostly fun. Then I spent New Year's at Alli and Leora's party, where all and sundry (except Jason and Franko who were at Andrew's house) enjoyed a long game of Apples to Apples, food, Lewis Black, and countdown music provided by my laptop. The bad: I got caught on camera, which I hate. :/

Other than that, I've been busy amusing myself with assorted stuff: (movies music books etc etc)Collapse )

Oh, anyone who hasn't seen The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny flash video yet, really, really should. Be sure to put on the subtitles for full enjoyment.

And that's about it.
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28th November 2005

6:37pm: I love ninjas. they kill people.
Don't have much to say, but I always enjoy recommending things...
So it"s just books and movies in here.Collapse )

9th November 2005

11:20am: On Livejournal using...Collapse ) Hello to you all, and I hope you are well. I've got some things to figure out, some problems to face, but I think I'll get through it alright.

For perusal, I give you, at the behest of the Alli-meister, 7 songs for some reason or another, that I like:
1. Robert Plant: Shine It All Around
2. Pantera: Cemetery Gates
3. Mooney Suzuki: Alive and Amplified
(From that car commercial with the guy jumping out of his house with a parachute.)
4.Dire Straits: Sultans of Swing
(Classic rock owns your soul.)
5. Primus: My Name is Mud
6. Korn: Twisted Transistor
7. Megadeth: Symphony of Destruction
If moderately interested most of these can be found in my music folder through AIM...
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28th October 2005

12:47am: A few randomosities
I love the Spectrum. One of the reasons why: this.
To see, just scroll down to the very bottom. Last item.
I shall have to go.

Speaking of other Albany events of note: 311 at the Armory next month!
.... on a goddamn Tuesday. Damn it all.

I may go home tomorrow. 85% chance I'd say.
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25th October 2005

4:57pm: My feet are soggy and uncomfortable. Rain can go fuck it's mom.

Besides that I drove myself to school. It felt strange. Having a license feels very strange. Another one of those so wanted, yet so dreaded steps into that miserable hell that is adulthood freedom.

Another probable change to come: this summer I won't have a bedroom still, mostly likely. So I've decided (sheer brilliance) to live in my attic. I'll get a rug, drag up all the fans.... most of my stuff is already up there anyway. Plus I'll try and get a key for the backdoor of my house so I don't have to tramp through mom's. It's gonna be great. :P
(When I was younger Steph and Dan and everyone and me would hang out up there. We'd attack people with flashlight beams and such...)
It'll require some cleaning, some purchases... but I think it'll work. At least in the summer.

Speaking of driving, I figure if this weekend isn't blizzard-like or anything I'll come home. Maybe. I dunno, unless there'll be some sort of Halloween party here.
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19th October 2005

8:44pm: And again, updating because I was tagged.
Not that I entirely mind, as otherwise I don't have much to update about. And sometime people like to know one is alive and in good health.

The meme is: tell you all 20 random things about me, and the rest doesn't matter because I'm not tagging people. Of course if you want because you weren't and feel like a loser with no friends just say I told you to. ;)

1. No Leaf Clover rocks, I seem to be on a major Metallica kick.
2. The touch lamp in my room keeps getting turned on when I'm asleep/not home. Those things are sensitive, but I prefer thinking ghosts.
3. I changed my background picture because I felt like it. Nothing really impressive, just Grey Fox cuz he was already uploaded.

4. Television is boring. I wish I had one of those TiVo things so I could just sit down and watch some of the shows I like when I have time.
5. I don't have a lot of time on my hands except when I avoid doing stuff.
6. I'm not doing anything right now.

7. If I had a detachable penis (yep, listening to that now) I'd chase people around with it. Well probably only close friends etc.
8. I have only had one thing to eat today (sandwich) and I only had one of those and a muffin and some crackers yesterday. I don't feed myself when people aren't around to police me. Oh well.
9. Got not one call from hiring-types. Must find more places to apply.
10. It's been gray and rainy for the better part of two weeks now. Kinda sucks, but sometimes I like it.

12. I resisted the urge to write poetry today because I'm not that good and it seems trite.
13. I could probably write a book of non-sequituous musings, complaints, and doodles. But I don't think it'd be very interesting on a whole.
14. Actually, if you want to be all deep about it, that's exactly what each of our lives are. A long-winded book about everything we think and do that no one will read.

15. I used to give my Barbie dolls butch hair cuts because I got bored of their hair being long and perfect.
16. I also used to bury them in the backyard for a while. I'd dig them up and have a Turkish bath in the bathroom sink to clean them up.
17. They also had elaborate affairs, in which Ken got Jasmine, and Aladdin got stuck with Barbie, because she was a dumb slut.

18. Speaking of childhood playthings, I was especially hurt when my dad gave away my Legos without telling me. They were Lego castles... I loved tearing them down and making up my own architectural feats of greatness. And they don't sell anything like them anymore! I liked little pieces, but those damn babies have to choke on shit, don't they?

19. I walked into my figure drawing class, sat down and drew the lady for at least 5 minutes, maybe 10, before noticing that there was a new model, a white guy who was kinda like a fit biker. So quickly I seem to have become de-sensitized to naked people.
20. Not to mention I got to mentally compare the black guy to the white guy today and then to someone else I know ...and trying not to grin goofily at the biker dude's crotch/arm/leg/chest or wherever I happened to be drawing.

That's all folks, move along.
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